USA Smoke Fluid – Stage & Studio Line

USA smoke Fluids “Stage & Studio” were created for those times when you need quickly dispel the effects of mist or to create low fog effects. When it is used with all fog machines or USA Machines, it produces a very effective theatrical fog and then quickly disappears.

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USA smoke Fluids “Stage & Studio” have become standard in the entertainment industry for fog effects in the performing arts: in plays, movies and TV shows, where it is important that the fog disappears quickly and does not interfere with the action that starts then is that these effects are only needed at a particular point in production, once the effect is complete, the fog will disappear in seconds.

Used in conjunction with a fog machine and a fog chiller or Coldflow, these fluids produce an excellent effect of low fog as the effect produced by the dry ice.

USA “Stage & Studio” and USA “Low Fog” containers are available in 1-liter 5-liters.

Certification M.S.D.S. (INTI): 23-3762/08-03-2005 Folio 1/6.-

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Box 1L = 12 Units, Box 5L = 4 Units, Box 20L = 1 Gallon


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