USA Smoke Fluid – Disco & Dj Line

USA smoke fluids “Disco & DJ” are one more of the line in USA fluids for special effects.

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Using the same components as the largest category of the line, this is an economic water-based liquid that offers a light fog effect and have been developed for use in professional theatrical and television productions, entertainment purposes, small clubs, mobile DeeJay applications and concerts.

When combined with compressed air as in the models of different brands on the market makes a good effect of stage fog.

USA “Disco & Dj” containers are available in 1-liter and 5-liter.

Certification M.S.D.S. (INTI): 23-3762/08-03-2005 Folio 1/6.-

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Box 1L = 12 Units, Box 5L = 4 Units, Box 20L = 1 Gallon


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