USA Haze Fluids – Oil Crack Line

USA Haze “Oil Crack” Fluid is specially formulated to work with most moderns Hazer equipment. Creates a reliable and constant theatrical mist, completely transparent and excellent light refraction.

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USA HAZE “OIL CRACK” Fluids produce extremely fine particles that remain airborne for a while, longer than those produced by normal Smoke Fluid.

It works perfectly with laser equipment, lighting and above all, can bring the best atmospheric effects to all events.By its way of constant, quiet work and reliable fine mist, the use of these products is recommended for theater, television and film production, large nightclubs with laser lighting, or wherever required great reflection of light without hindrance with the dense clouds of white smoke generated by traditional fog machines. Due to the nature of the fluid (oil based), the Haze tends to accentuate the beauty of the light beams, which is very important for lighting

Certification M.S.D.S. (INTI): 23-3762/08-03-2005 Folio 1/6.-

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Box 1L = 12 Units, Box 5L = 4 Units, Box 20L = 1 Gallon


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