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Atmospheric Effects?

Incorporate them to show, event or presentation dare to integrate them and see the difference!

We are sure that more than once thought as you give it a special touch to your show, concert … In this article we review briefly what are the different atmospheric effects that you can integrate into their events, what are the appropriate machinery and accessories to achieve them, and last but not least, that fluids are needed?


dicas-efeitos-01The smoke effect is achieved by heating a liquid until the chemical reaction converts it into steam. It is a very dense cloud that exits the machine and will be clearly delimited in space.
Are called FOGGER traditional smoke machines with which we created this effect. Its main feature is that it can allow a rapid and large volume effect. Need a period of warming-up, which will vary depending on each model.
Net FOGGER using the machines of all brands are produced in water based liquids lines are the USA Pro Dj, Out Door, Stage & Studio, Low Fog y Haze Oil-Free. They differ in the density of smoke that can and end effect which manages according to the liquid used.


dicas-efeitos-02When we speak of fog we refer to the need to be able to create an environment uniformly smoke … and not a compact cloud, as in the case of smoke.
In the case of fog, do the particles leaving the machine are at room temperature. To not be warmer than the air, the smoke tends to expand more slowly and evenly covering the space and creating a more homogeneous atmosphere.
Hazers with machines can achieve this mist through two systems, which are mainly diferençam the time required to achieve the same volume and stability of the particle in the environment.
• The first option is the one that uses the HAZER technology. Is to decompose a liquid
(Based on oil) injecting air with a compressor. Thus we get the effect immediately, without the need for heating up the machine. The net who use these machines is the Haze Crack-Oil.
The HAZER machine is slower than other models, but has the advantage that the particle establishing remain longer in the environment.
• The second option to get the fog effect is called DO technology. Its main advantage is that it allows to get the effect faster, in less time than a HAZER, although it is necessary to heat the liquid to achieve the effect. In this case, the smoke does not come directly to the outside from the deep blue sea but a fan that cools the smoke in a room, before being expelled.
Net using the DO machines of all brands is the Haze Oil-Free USA.

The fundamental objectives to achieve when we use the fog effects and smoke machines are creating environments and enhanced lighting effects.
The most frequent applications of the effects of smoke and fog are: refraction of light beams in scenarios and laser shows, creating spaces, environments and atmospheres of fiction in all sorts of designs and scenic places for leisure.
Moreover, it is an irreplaceable strengthening environmental lighting and spectacles. The particles of smoke and fog “float” in air of the scenic area, serving as a “solid support” for that enlightenment is “looking into the void.” With this could effect movement of drama and volumetry, which creates a great visual impact.
Importantly, as a simple and economical machine atmospheric effects can contribute significantly to improving the outcome of a given production.

Low smoke

dicas-efeitos-03The main feature of this effect is that the smoke does not tend to rise, but the download.
Before leaving the machine, the smoke passes through a zone that is refrigerated. The temperature of the particles drops significantly and, on being expelled from the machine, it does not tend to expand as in the previous models.
The two models of different manufacturers are able to lower the ICE MACHINE smoke (which generally incorporate a lead FOGGER 1000w machine) and COLDFLOW type models, which are coolers volume of smoke but have the particularity that they can be used by smoke machines FOGGER any other manufacturer.
Its cost is usually higher than the smoke machines and fog due to the need to use more technology.
These types of machines only work with liquid Smoke “Low Fog” of Liquids USA.
Generally this will effect directly associated with creating “magical” and ethereal environments. Whenever an effect was much appreciated in those drawings seeking a strong creative impact.
In the event that the appliance is placed on the ground, one can obtain the optical effect and create the feeling of “floating” in the clouds or living in an idyllic environment.
As the smoke tends to fall, let you create unique effects such as waterfall. This effect is achieved by placing the machine on top, thus making the smoke descend freely to the ground.


dicas-efeitos-04The machine that allows you to create the effect of snow falling glasses is FOAMER MACHINE. Placing the machine at a given time be able to fall small foam cups, creating snow effect.
The liquid that is used to achieve this effect is Foam flows USA.


dicas-efeitos-05The foam effect is achieved by using more important machines, larger and able to handle larger quantities of liquids. Thus it creates a continuous flow of foam, which builds up from the ground. Get to create large volumes is the goal of this type of effect, covering the audience how the called-FOAM PARTY.
In this case the fluid that is used to create foam is the same chemical characteristics of the liquid snow, but at higher concentrations is prepared, USA Hi-Fluid Foam is a designation of origin.


dicas-efeitos-06Using a bubble machine to create several theatrical effects is a great way to add a sense of magic and beauty to any performance or show. As have different bubble machines also have different types of blistering machines for liquids. You may want to experiment with a few before his performance.

Generate a gentle cascade of bubbles by placing several teams generating bubbles near the ceiling, it will appear that are falling by magic.

East to exit a smoke machine small size for fan air output of your machine bubbles to create a storm of bubbles filled with smoke. This will make the bubbles are more visible to the public, and after a while break out in small clouds of fog, which is another interesting effect.

Use a strobe light with a cloud of bubbles cascading. This will produce a dramatic and fascinating effect to the dream sequences in plays and musicals, rock shows, the disco acts or any other kind of spectacle that require this kind of effect.
Effects of bubbles are being used in many television productions and theater entertainment, great rock bands are starting to incorporate into their shows emotion bubbles like Areosmith, Britney Spears and The Pussycat Dolls.


  • Never fail to read the “Manual Machine” as a first step before using it, this rule is applicable to any of the effects you need to generate.
  • In type Fogger machines (with boiler clap) shall leave a safe distance of at least 50 cm between the output of the machine and people.
  • Maintaining your smoke machine is something that should take into account regularly and especially after each use. Should always clean the smoke machine according to manufacturer’s instructions. Distilled water is what you should use to do this cleaning for any type of machine you want to clean. HAZER fog machines that use formulations base oils are the EXCEPTION to this rule.
  • The most important factor that can affect especially the smoke machines, their election is liquid. It is very important to choose a liquid recognized brand, this undoubtedly reduce problems significantly. Using liquid brand of uncertain will only add more risk and cost of maintenance services. Think of this scenario, if someone has spent a lot of money in expensive smoke machine, why save on something that is very important and vital to the heart of the fog machine? Another type of liquid containing chemicals for lower quality and higher purity with less amount of water, this reduces their time of effect on the environment and makes it disappears faster.
  • Do not allow the liquid to be polluted haze. Always replace the caps on containers of liquid immediately after the machine filled.

And finally … the question that surely you’ll be doing: may be harmful liquids used to create atmospheric effects (fog, snow, smoke, foam or bubbles)?
Roundly … NOT.


Accelerated course of lasers


The word laser is an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. According to the dictionary the word’s origin goes back to 1960, which is when TH Maiman developed the first optical laser. There is a lot of physics behind how a laser beam, the fact that we try to simplify is created.
First let us consider the atoms, electrons and photons. An atom consists of a nucleus surrounded by a “cloud” of electrons. These usually electrons orbiting around the nucleus at a given energy level, called the ground state. When energy (in the form of light, heat, radiation, etc.) apply to atoms, electrons are raised to a higher energy level called excited state. To return to the ground state, the electron must rid their excess energy, which occurs in the form of heat and the emission of a photon. Perceive these photons as visible light.

curso-laser-02The photons produced in this manner – or similarly by heating up a filament in a bulb – produce very diffuse. That is, the photons leave the filament travel in all directions. Moreover, photons may be at different wavelengths, which makes that some photons to cancel out each other. All this creates a beam of light that is spreading rapidly and fades at all.

The laser acts on Einstein’s theory of stimulated emission establishing basically that an electron can be “encouraged” to resign a photon by another photon when hit with it.
The laser of Maiman used a solid core of ruby “bombarded” with light from a flash lamp. Ruby is reflected in the extreme and the other is partially reflected. How to excite the electrons of the atoms emit photons ruby traveling in different directions. Many of the photons simply escape from the sides of the nucleus, but some travel along the correct axis and are reflected at the very end. Since these photons travel back through the core stimulate the emission of other identical. Thus it generates a chain reaction and soon, most of the photons in the core are of the same wavelength and traveling in parallel. The reflected portion of the core end allows some escape of these photons (the “laser beam”) while the rest is reflected throughout the core to stimulate the emission of more photons.

Because the photons are traveling in the same direction, the light is produced by a laser is much more coherent than traditional light. This means that a laser beam travels more without losing the intensity. However, because the beam is not scattered as they travel, a laser beam generally produces a very small point of light on the target. To create a beam of light over many visible effects make use of a scanner, a set of small vibrating mirrors that can create all kinds of bosses and effects to light. In addition, the majority of the laser effects are seen best when protrude through fog or mist. This is because the smoke particles reflect part of the laser light, which makes the beam visible throughout its length.
The first lasers developed by Maiman and his contemporaries were using uncommon materials and high intensity lights to create the laser beam. This meant that the laser equipo needed to create an effect would often expensive to most people. Recently, the development of diode laser have led to a large amount (say some excess) of low-cost equipment, laser pointers from the barcode scanners to special lighting effects.

curso-laser-01If we talk about laser diodes used to create special lighting effects, we say that the intense beam of light in any of its many geometric bosses, creates an amazing appearance in a scene or dance floor. This effect increases when the beam is projected through a saturated atmosphere of fog generated by a smoke machine. This can create huge beams of light or “laser tunnel” around the performers. In addition, a set of powered mirrors can be added to create a simulation of an intelligent lighting effect and increase the overall impact of the laser.

Lasers are classified according to the amount of energy they produce and the biohazard of their emissions. Because many of the modern laser equipment using great powers, the radius is created, it can be harmful to the eye if viewed directly.
Therefore it is a good idea for anyone who uses this type of equipment, the position of the unit and mirrors to deflect the beam to be placed so that members of the public, club and attendees do not see it directly. The laser positioning the corners of your space or pointing down a sheer angle can prevent people accidentally aim the beam of light.

This basic theory will help you find there is a bit of this type of physical effects.


Cleaning Machines Smoke (WARNING)


Questions about snow

dicas-neve-02The Foam fluid is 98 percent water and two percent surfactant. Surfactants are substances that produce the best effects of snow.

This solution, used in our snow machines, creates a realistic look snowy. The solution is injected with a water pump through a mesh material to generate more realistic artificial snow globe.

The water begins to evaporate in a matter of seconds, which makes the glasses reduce its size and make it lighter until disappear. The chemical surfactant becomes microscopic particles and also disappears. The surfactants used in Foam Fluid formulation of cosmetics are of the highest possible degree. Are hypoallergenic, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-staining.

When machines are used properly, leave no traces of moisture. For years, our products have been used to generate snow effects for millions of visitors to theme parks, nightclubs and productions for television entertainment.

Generate with very large glasses, may have some moisture, which can remove the pigment of some kind of silk. In these cases, the size of the cups has to fit into a small size to give rise to a rapid evaporation.



It is slippery?
The product, when used with the correct configuration, can run continuously without leaving slippery surfaces. This can be improved by establishing the size of the cups so that they evaporate before they touch the ground.

Has a shelf life?
Yes, you can store up to two years without being opened.

What is the difference between the Hi-Foam and Foam?
Foam fluid is ready for use in a snow machine premixed formulation. Fluid Hi-Foam is a concentrated formulation that is not ready for use. It is used in a concentration from 1 to 1.5% with water of excellent quality.
Deionized water is the basis of all our pre-mixed formulations. From its origins Our product is used for the film industry so that if the snow fall on a camera lens, do not leave tracks or marks. Given that this formulation did not have any chemical, dried and leaves the film.

dicas-neve-01Can I use regular tap water?
If your case does not require the use of a movie camera note that the tap water that has hard use agents that can make the product lower your income. In this case, just use premix Or. Fluid Foam S.A..

U.S.A. Hi-Foam Fluid Concentrate – Warning!
Please read before mixing this product with water instructions mixed, the concentration can be up to 1 or 1.5% of the minimum product of excellent quality water, this will depend on the success of its effect. We recommend the use of deionized water.
Running water, potable water or well water can be used with the following caveats: Some waters contain high mineral content and can dramatically reduce the production of snow. In addition, these minerals will not produce a brilliant white scale. If deionized water is not available, use distilled water. Make sure you adhere to the proportions of the mixture.
If you have a question or a story to tell, please do come to our email.