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empresa-01COMPACTO GROUP FX Technologies are the leading edge technology in the production of Effects Fluids for the Global Market.
Develops and manufactures the widest range of products for the Special Effects and entertainment industry with Smoke, Fog, Haze, Snow, Bubbles and Foams.
All its production is supported by certification MSDS No. 23-3762/2005 awarded by INTI, National Institute of Industrial Technology, one of the most prestigious certifying institutions in the world.

From its industrial plant, with last generation equipments and backed by highly logistics solvent, “Compacto Group” provides to the entertainment market the highest level of quality throughout its product line.

All purposes - All systems - All fluids.

With all its products COMPACTO GROUP offers the only comprehensive response to the demand of fluids for the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY – FILM AND TV PRODUCTION – THEATRE – STAGE.

Professional & Dj Smoke – Stage & Studio – Low Fog & Out Door FogThe most advanced and complete system for the production of effects of Smoke and Low Fog, all water-based and produced with the highest quality.

Haze Crak Oil & 100% Oil FreeSystem for production of new generation fog; maximum security, excellent performance and impressive light diffraction.

Bubbles FluidsComprehensive system of fluids to solve the most varied needs of bubble generation for stage productions and special effects.

Hi-Foam Foam & FluidsSingle integrated system of foaming fluid agents that gives the highest level of security and reliability in the production of foams and Snow for Special Effects.

All these systems are backed by a strict guarantee that SUPPORTS the work responsible for both the professional stage lighting and lighting companies as the clubs LIGHT JAYS. Theme parks, and producers of film, TV and Theater are other of our important customers.

Quality assured by international standards, by a dynamic team of service, advice and technical assistance and 20 years of experience in the markets of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay strengthens our products. This made them the preferred products for professionals who choose to work with USA FX Technologies QUALITY .

The solid experience and his industrial and business track record, consolidates to COMPACTO GROUP as LEADING TECHNOLOGY IN THE PRODUCTION OF PROFESSIONALS FLUIDS for ATMOSPHERIC EFFECTS.