In spite of the fact that the bubbles have been with us many years, they still are a relatively NEW effect inside the scenic arts. This one is a fact that the creative designer is going to use for his advantage. Remember that the innovation is one of the things that makes that a special effect is really special, while less a hearing has seen a certain effect, major it is the effect that this one will have.

The comprehension of how the bubbles work can help to obtain, better effects. We are going to begin with the basic thing, then. Why are bubbles round? The response, as it seems, is in the geometry.

A bubble consists of a volume of air contained in a “skin” of water and an espumijeno. This skin is very elastic, it is possible to see this blowing slowly of a bubble, but stopping before this one is liberated. The prototype of bubble will diminish gradually, this is because the skin of this one stretches and constant it tries to reduce his surface to as small as possible.

bubblestips-02Now, the bounding factor turns into the air caught inside the bubble. As result, the geometric form that contains any volume with minor possible surface always is a sphere. The bubble, then, forms a sphere without importing the form of the instrument or schemes that it produces it.

Why do bubbles explode? The reasons are great: the evaporation of the water content, the air turbulence, or more commonly, the contact with a dry surface or with dry air. When a bubble enters in touch with an object or surface dries, the water in the skin bubble goes out of the bubble, which does that the wall of the bubble is increasingly thin until an orifice is formed in some place of the surface. As soon as an orifice is formed, the superficial tension pulls him to open more and more until … BUM!

Now that we have seen how a bubble is created, and why it appears, we offer them some advices to obtain better EFFECTS with his machine of bubbles.

In spite of the fact that the bubbles are very light, they continue being a bit heavier than the air about them. This means that they will tend to fall down as soon as they have been extracted out of the machine. For this, the assembly of the machine of bubbles will have to be made as high as possible, which will increase both the size and the duration of the effect. If the assembly of the machine is going to be of permanent form, for example for the use in a night club, make sure itself that you will have easy access to the machine to fill the tray of FLOWN. In these applications, the assembly of the machine in the high thing has also the advantage of supporting it far from the rough clients.

bubblestips-03It is possible that it wants to increase the area when you cover with the effect that the bubbles generate, for example, wants to cover the whole scene, for this, is enough to mount a small ventilator under the machine of bubbles. This option uses with precaution, since, due to the fact that the ventilator dries the bubbles more rapidly and it increases the turbulence of the air, provoking his premature snap. For these cases it is really a need the use of fluids of high quality, such as U.S.A’s effects. Bubbles Fluids.

Effects of bubbles can be in use in many situations in which one normally would use an effect of fog.
Try to use bubbles to cover the entry of a personality, a star, a “magic” personage in his show, since it works especially well for the “Bruja Buena Glinda” in “El Mago de Oz “.

Also it can use bubbles to mean a transition of a realistic scene, in a sequence of a dream or upset reality, in a representation theatrical or put in scene in television productions or of cinema.

bubblestips-01Anyone that is the use that him finds THEM, the incorporation of bubbles in his presentation adds an effect that the hearing probably has not seen before, beside the excessive use of the effects limits STANDARD as the fog and strobe lights.

And, since we have said before, to keep them NEW and FRESH is what it makes “SPECIAL” to our special effects.

… Encourage and generá new effects in your presentations… These already are not going to be the same..